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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The voices in my head

were right. I really should learn to listen to them more often. The good ones not the crazy ones ;)   As you all know my foot has been killing me for a long time. Less known.. my hip/back have been hurting me too but the foot pain over powers that. I finally went to the podiatrist for months and nothing would ever really fix it. So I quit going and just deal with it. All this time the little voices in my head said go to the chiropractor. Well Monday after not even being able to roll over in bed with out crying because my back hurt so bad, I went. At 11:30 that night after working for 8 1/2 hrs on the hard tile/concrete floors at work I realized that not only did my back not hurt, my foot didn't either. It was AWESOME! I wasn't ready to give the back full credit though yet. The next morning I got out of bed and walked normal from the first step and didn't need a walker. As the day progressed it started a tiny ache but no real pain. Today we went to the zoo and walked hills and that made my foot hurt again.   I just got home from the chiropractor for round 2. Guess what.. no foot pain. NONE! I can't believe it. I stood up after my adjustment and walked to the therapy room and realized it didn't hurt anymore.  So lesson learned.. listen to those voices! At least some of them anyways!!!

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